Celebrating Business Partnerships: Tasty Toucan & Giving the Edge Foundation

Queen Anne’s County Economic & Tourism Development is celebrating the innovative partnerships our incredible business community has created! One of these partnerships is a collaboration between the Tasty Toucan and Giving the Edge Foundation.

In October of 2020, Nikki Neboshynsky took the leap to open the Tasty Toucan, an ice cream shop in historic Stevensville with a mission to spread happiness within the community and beyond. Despite heavy warnings against launching such a venture going into the winter and in the midst of a pandemic, Nikki pushed forward and is now entering their fourth year as a thriving business in Queen Anne’s County. Their presence has become a beacon in downtown Stevensville, increasing awareness of local events and attractions.

The Tasty Toucan actively seeks out partnerships with other organizations and local businesses, recognizing the mutual benefits of collaboration. By joining forces, they expand their reach, innovate with fresh ideas, and ultimately enhance the experience for their customers. 

One of the Tasty Toucan’s many partnerships is with Giving the Edge Foundation to recognize students in Queen Anne County Public Schools for positive behavior and going above and beyond to help others. Students are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves and each month exceptional behavior is recognized within the schools. These students get some swag from the Edge and a free scoop or pop from Tasty Toucan.

“This partnership is special to me and Tasty Toucan because we share the mission of being a part of the young community and showing them that through responsibility, hard work and positivity TOUCAN (you can) do great things,” says Nikki. “Being a business owner in Queen Anne County is more than bringing smiles and amazing flavor to our customers. It’s being part of the community, partnering with other businesses amplifies that and benefits everyone.”

The Tasty Toucan has many more local community partnerships, including Peace of Cake, Willow Root Photography, Kent Island Running Group, Shore Update, Woven Dreams, Toys for Tots, E-Beauty, Half Full, various sports teams, neighboring schools, numerous non-profits, the Judy Center, Four Seasons, and more.




About Tasty Toucan 

400 Love Point Rd, Stevensville, MD
410-657-4008  |  TastyToucan.com

Tasty Toucan is an ice cream shop located in historic downtown Stevensville. Their ice cream and pops are handmade with all-natural ingredients right here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is their mission to be the place where great times and good memories get shared with friends and family, and a place to take a break and enjoy the good things in life. They also offer ice cream dessert catering featuring over 20 tantalizing ice cream and Paleta pop flavors. Learn more at TastyToucan.com.

About Giving the Edge Foundation

Giving The Edge Foundation’s mission is to help young people to grow into successful, caring, responsible and productive adults by building partnerships and community support.We achieve this through providing opportunities for youth to engage in community service projects, character development, scholastic achievement activities, and supporting our youth’s social and emotional needs. Learn more at Giving the Edge Foundation.


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