Public/Private Schools & Colleges

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools are among the highest rated in the State of Maryland for academic excellence!

Queen Anne’s Public School System consists of 8 elementary schools, 4 middle/combined schools, 2 high schools and 1 alternative education program. These county schools rank in the top 15% of all county systems statewide. There are 9 nonpublic schools in the county, such as the Wye River Upper School, a college preparatory school for students with learning differences, and The Gunston School, an independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian, coeducational, college preparatory high school that draws students from six Maryland counties and Delaware.

Chesapeake College, located in Wye Mills, offers a large selection of credits and classes designed to help students prepare for upper-level institutions, or immediate entry into a career while enhancing work-related skills. Based at Chesapeake College is the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center, offering baccalaureate and graduate degrees from four-year institutions such as Salisbury University, and LaSalle University. Educational institutions within commuting distance of Queen Anne’s County include; Washington College in Chestertown, St. Johns College in Annapolis, University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Maryland College Park, University of Maryland Baltimore, and Johns Hopkins University.

The Wye Research and Education Center

The Wye Research and Education Center, established in 1966, utilizes 800 acres on the Wye River for sustaining agriculture productivity, diversity and preserving the health of the Chesapeake Bay. The Wye Angus heard of Black Angus Cattle, was gifted to the University of Maryland by Arthur A. Houghton, Jr, and is now held by the UM Foundation. The University of Maryland Extension employs approximately 200 faculties and support staff to accommodate joint appointments with research and academic programs.

Education Levels

Expected growth rates for occupations vary by the education and training required. While all employment in Queen Annes County, Maryland is projected to grow 0.4% over the next ten years, occupations typically requiring a postgraduate degree are expected to grow 1.1% per year.  Those occupations requiring a bachelor’s degree are forecast to grow 0.6% per year, and occupations typically needing a 2-year degree or certificate are expected to grow 0.9% per year.