Metropolitan Accessibility …

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, is a great place to do business!  The county boasts competitively priced commercial space, a well-educated workforce, and an excellent quality of life – with exceptional access to major metropolitan markets by land, air or bay.  Queen Anne’s County supports its business community by offering local incentives with no county corporate income tax or business personal tax.

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland is the only rural county on the Eastern Shore that is part of the Baltimore-Towson MSA.  Businesses enjoy the benefits of being located within a few hours drive of other major metropolitan areas in competitively priced space for lease or sale.

Queen Anne’s County offers a variety of business location choices – from small town to urban core with exceptional access via land, water, and air. The US 50/301 Corridor that bisects the county provides access to major international marine terminals and airports, as well as government facilities, federal laboratories and technology centers.


A Growing Economy…

Queen Anne’s County’s private sector industries generate $1.2 billion in economic output, with a 2.2% job growth rate increase in the year 2016. Home to over 1,400 business establishments and several North American and corporate headquarters, Queen Anne’s County has been aggressive in retaining businesses with the support of private sector developers establishing business parks in beautiful settings.

Recent expansions include Tidewater Direct, Miltec U.V. and Advanced Architectural Metals.

An Agrarian Lifestyle…

The northern portion of the county is comprised of small towns, and working farms.  The county has consistently ranked in the top 3 counties in Maryland for the annual production of corn, wheat, and soybeans.  These commodities are grown, principally, to support the commercial broiler industry.  The agriculture industry in the county is lead by crop and grain production, large nursery operations, and commercial broiler production.  Recently, there has been an increase in the number of wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

There are 530 farms operating in Queen Anne’s County, with 156,941 acres of agricultural production. The average size farm consists of 296 acres. Queen Anne’s County records 205,000 acres in agriculture use (2012 Census of Agriculture).

Companies within the agriculture sector located in the county include Bell Nursery, Schillinger Genetics, Perdue, and Nutrien.