QACETD Develops Minority Entrepreneurship Training Accelerator (META) Program

Queen Anne’s County Economic & Tourism Development is excited to announce the development of a Minority Entrepreneurship Training Accelerator (META). This pilot program, developed and delivered by Upper Shore Community Development Partnership and Rivers and Roads Consulting, is now accepting applications. Funding for the project is being provided through Queen Anne’s County Economic & Tourism Development, Upper Shore Regional Council, and Maryland Department of Commerce.

META is designed to provide five minority-owned businesses in Queen Anne’s County with the tools, resources, and foundation needed to scale small sole proprietorships into thriving and growing business operations. “Supporting programs like META are crucial to addressing the inequities that people of color face when starting and growing businesses. By providing specialized training and mentorship, this program can help bridge the gap by equipping our minority entrepreneurs with the skills and resources they want and need to succeed. Not only will this empower individuals to build successful businesses, but it will also contribute to a more equitable and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem in Queen Anne’s County,” said Rebecca Clark, the county’s Economic Development Coordinator.

The program will provide a hands-on business coach and mentor that will work closely with each participating small business to guide them through the drafting of a business plan, the creation of marketing collateral, and establishing relationships with local banks, bookkeepers, insurance providers, and attorneys as needed. Additionally, each of the selected businesses will receive a microgrant for strategic growth initiatives that align with their mission. The goal of the program is to place these minority-owned businesses on a path toward realizing increased revenues, improving resilience to economic shocks, and becoming job creators.

Participating businesses must be minority-owned with annual business revenues no higher than $22,000, interested in seeing their ventures grow, and in being part of a network of minority entrepreneurs. Applicants will be asked to provide information on their business, including financials as well as commit their time and efforts to complete the program.

The application for the META program can be found online here. 

META is an excellent opportunity for minority-owned businesses in Queen Anne’s County to receive the support they need to grow and thrive. “My client, Upper Shore Community Development Partners, is excited to partner with Rivers and Roads Consulting and Queen Anne’s County Economic and Tourism Development to create a robust ecosystem and to provide business development opportunities for minority entrepreneurs in the County” says Rebecca Murphy, Founder and Chief Strategist of RCM Strategic Consulting.

For more information about META, or consultation on starting, growing or relocating your business to Queen Annes’s County, please contact Rebecca Clark, Economic Development Coordinator, at [email protected]


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