Project Bright Future Summit

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the Todd Performing Arts Center, Chesapeake College, 1000 College Circle, Queenstown, Maryland.

This is a free informational event for parents, students, teachers and the business community to learn about  career opportunities through programs such as Youth Apprenticeship and Dual Enrollment and participation in Career Technology Education (CTE) courses at our local high schools.  This event is for youth in our community who are seeking an alternative to the traditional “path to college.” 

A panel, comprised of local experts and lead by Commissioner Jack Wilson, will discuss career paths and certifications through CTE and the Apprenticeship Maryland Program. They will also discuss how a regional vocational training facility has benefited other jurisdictions. 

The keynote speaker is Kurt Landgraf, President of Washington College. Panelists include Dr. Cliff Coppersmith, President of Chesapeake College; Chris Garvey of Allied Builders and Contractors; Delegate Jeff Ghrist; Alan Stein of Tanglewood Conservancy and the Untangled Minds Foundation; Jeff Smith, MD Department of Labor, Apprenticeship Maryland; and Cody Pine, Washington County Public Schools CTE .

Local businesses interested in hiring students will also be in attendance.

A question and answer session will follow the panel discussion. Light refreshments will be served.

About Project Bright Future

Project Bright Future is a regional initiative aimed at youth in our community who are seeking an alternative to the traditional “path to college” by pursuing a trade, working in the hospitality industry, or developing skills in manufacturing, construction and the trades. The mission is to create awareness of the excellent career opportunities available to students in the five county service area of Chesapeake College and to increase student participation in career technology education (CTE) programs, Youth Apprenticeship and Dual Enrollment. The vision is to create a pipeline of skilled workers to meet not only the demands of our current business base, but also to assist in business retention, expansion and attraction for the region. A goal of the initiative is to support the creation of  a regional CTE training center based at Chesapeake College to provide vocational training to support our largest industries and to create opportunities for growth in new industries.