Patriot Fire

Key Information

  • 33,000-square-foot facility with specialized, large-scale equipment
  • 17 staff members, including mechanics, automotive repair and metal fabrication specialists, graphic designers, and more
  • 6+ states served from their location in Queen Anne’s County

NAICS Codes:  811114

Patriot Fire Discovers Savings and Expanded Market Reach in Queen Anne’s County


“We moved to Queen Anne’s County to be more accessible to the other side of the bay and get closer to those customers over there. We service a six-state area, so being accessible is key for us, especially when all our customers have to come to us for services.”

– Steven Beavers, President, Patriot Fire

Bridging a critical gap for the emergency services industry, Patriot Fire has been a lifeline for heroes on the front lines since 1999. The company specializes in the sale, repair, and service of fire trucks, ambulances, and other essential vehicles, providing pivotal solutions that require a highly specialized skill set, quality craftsmanship, and speed.

In 2013, Patriot Fire relocated to Queen Anne’s County for greater accessibility to its extensive six-state market area and to better position itself within the Eastern Shore’s competitive automotive services cluster. Initially a temporary measure, this strategic move placed the company at a pivotal crossroads, granting it the financial leverage and opportunity necessary for sustained growth.

Patriot Fire secured a short-term lease at a former boat dealership in Grasonville, Maryland. With his initial foray into the region, the company aimed to evaluate the county’s potential impact on its success.


“For us, Queen Anne’s County is the perfect spot. The savings and support we’ve found here have enabled us to build a modern facility that expands our services and gives us an edge over the competition.”

– Steven Beavers, President, Patriot Fire

In an industry where responsiveness is vital, Queen Anne’s access to Route 50 and U.S. 301 gave Patriot Fire’s customers an easy gateway to drop off and collect vehicles. This convenience attracted new customers and increased satisfaction for existing clients. Enthralled with the local atmosphere and excited by the early signs of success, Patriot Fire sought permanent roots in the county.

Capitalizing on Queen Anne’s County’s low business costs, Patriot Fire purchased land on Pullman Crossing Road, just off Route 50, to construct an expanded, modern facility. By collaborating with Queen Anne’s County Economic and Tourism Development, Patriot Fire obtained substantial financial support to build its new facility.

The County’s Commercial Property Tax Credit bolstered the company’s success. The considerable cost savings provided by the credit enabled Patriot Fire to construct a larger facility featuring office space and fourteen open bays, as well as finance the purchase of a substantial framing machine. This expanded the company’s ability to service more vehicles simultaneously and accommodate vehicles over sixty feet long, including aerial and tiller fire trucks, tour buses, and tractor-trailers. Armed with greater capacity and enhanced resources, Patriot Fire positioned itself ahead of competitors.


“Queen Anne’s County Economic and Tourism Development has been fantastic from the beginning. When we applied for our permits, their staff was at the county meetings on our behalf. They were an immense supporter of Patriot Fire and helped us find tax incentives and other resources that have ultimately impacted our success here.”

– Steven Beavers, President, Patriot Fire

As a comprehensive service provider for first responder vehicles, Patriot Fire hires a range of diversely skilled mechanics, automotive repair and fabrication specialists, electrical workers, and designers to produce and apply graphics.

The company capitalized on access to skilled workers from both sides of the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge to expand its team. Patriot Fire has also engaged with local career and technical programs through Queen Anne’s County Public Schools, securing a valuable and steady pipeline of young, experienced professionals to support its future growth.


“It takes a broad range of really talented folks to operate our business because we offer mechanical, auto body, painting, electrical, and graphic design solutions. As we grow, we know that Queen Anne’s career and technical programs and existing workforce across a broad range of skills will help us advance.”

– Steven Beavers, President, Patriot Fire

An additional advantage of the region is its positive impact on employee satisfaction. Many of Patriot Fire’s seventeen full-time staff members have remained with the company for over a decade, demonstrating their contentment both within the company and in Queen Anne’s County.

Patriot Fire’s move to Grasonville has not only propelled the business’ success, it has fortified the company’s commitment to supporting emergency services. Empowered by Queen Anne’s County’s strategic advantages, Patriot Fire will continue to ensure communities across the East Coast have the services necessary for public safety.


“Eleven years ago, we signed a five-year lease in Queen Anne’s County just to see if we liked having our business here. We’ve never left. The county has been a great home for our business and has afforded us a lot of land and access to build our operation and serve our customers.”

– Steven Beavers, President, Patriot Fire

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