Key Information

  • 55,000-square-foot facility in Stevensville, Maryland
  • 30-40 employees, depending on season
  • Estimated 10-15% growth in employment annually

NAICS Codes: 311930

Itaberco Gains Balance and Space in Queen Anne’s County

“On the Eastern Shore, there is an experienced agricultural and manufacturing workforce. That’s a really attractive part of being in Queen Anne’s County; we will not need to retrain an entire workforce as we grow. It already exists. I see us being in Queen County for a very long time.”

      – Berj Ghazarian, president and co-founder of Itaberco

In 2021, Itaberco, a nationally recognized manufacturer of artisanal flavor compounds and dessert and beverage mixes, moved from Baltimore to Stevensville, Maryland. The relocation to Queen Anne’s County not only provided the business with space to grow but also enhanced life balance and value for the business and its employees, propelling the business to unprecedented success and potential.

Prior to the move, Itaberco had outgrown its facility and was challenged to find a property in its region that fit budget constraints and suitability for a food production environment. The company had to think outside the urban box when searching for a new facility to support the growing enterprise.

Itaberco’s broker introduced an investment opportunity in Queen Anne’s County, where leadership identified abundant critical resources to fuel its ambitious goals. These included competitive real estate, affordability, a collaborative business environment, and a skilled workforce.

The company’s 55,000-square-foot facility—comprising manufacturing, warehousing, research and development spaces, and administrative offices—laid a solid foundation for business expansion and community connection.

As visionaries in the food and beverage space, Itaberco’s leadership knew they could enhance sales by giving customers first-hand experience with their products. The favorable cost of business in Queen Anne’s County afforded Itaberco the excess budget to construct a cutting-edge test kitchen. Itaberco utilized the test kitchen to engage in face-to-face interactions with its customers, demonstrating the quality of the product and helping to shorten the sales cycle.


“Queen Anne’s County has opened up new opportunities for our customers. The space and value we’ve gotten here has really helped us close opportunities in our pipeline and ultimately grow our business.”

      – Berj Ghazarian, president and co-founder of Itaberco

Itaberco’s strategic expansion to Queen Anne’s County was driven by more than just the need for physical expansion. The move represents the company’s deep commitment to innovation, community, and quality of life.

The company has pursued new culinary business ventures with Bark Barbecue Café, located next door to the manufacturing facility. The Central Texas-style barbecue eatery allows Itaberco to delve into a new realm of culinary creativity. By cultivating a gathering space, Itaberco capitalized on the available space in Queen Anne’s County to foster stronger community bonds while expanding its reach in the culinary field.

Surrounded by the scenic backdrop of Queen Anne’s County, Itaberco’s 30 to 40 employees have a tranquil setting alongside the Terrapin Nature Park. The area’s cost-effective living options and quality school systems also provide staff with viable alternatives to optimize their earnings and improve their overall standard of living.

Since moving to Stevensville, Itaberco has transformed its trajectory in new and exciting ways. With the support of Queen Anne’s County partners and the community at its back, Itaberco and Bark Barbecue Café are poised for tremendous growth ahead.

“Queen Anne’s County gives our employees a better balance. There are cost-effective living options where you can find good schools. We get a nice blend of natural environment and business environment here.”

      – Berj Ghazarian, president and co-founder of Itaberco

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