Key Information

  • 70 years of business in Queen Anne’s County
  • 600 acres of land featuring a farm market, pick-your-own crops, wholesale and retail offerings
  • 40-50 on-season employees

NAICS Codes: 11121

Optimal Market Distribution Offers Godfrey’s Farm Solid Progress in Queen Anne’s County

“We started doing retail sales for locals as we were able. But the interest in farm-fresh food and the growing number of people in Queen Anne’s have helped our market take off and allowed us to add more activities to make this a destination for people who want the farmstead experience.”

– Ashley Genova, marketing and promotions manager, Godfrey’s Farm

The Godfrey family has deep roots in the agricultural industry, having grown and sold fresh produce for three generations. In 1952, George and Mary Godfrey departed from the family’s established acreage in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, on a quest to pursue the vast, affordable, and fertile farmland in Queen Anne’s County. In Suldersville, the family began the next chapter in their legacy of cultivation.

In 1980, Godfrey’s Farm in Sudlersville, Maryland, transferred ownership to George and Mary’s son and his wife, Tom and Lisa. Leveraging the robust retail interest and commercial trade route accessibility of Queen Anne’s County, Godfrey’s Farm has transformed from a bountiful vegetable farm into a bustling farmstead destination.

“One great thing about being in Queen Anne’s and its community is the ability to make personal connections with people that can help your business grow.”

      – Lisa Godfrey, co-owner, Godfrey’s Farm

Utilizing Queen Anne’s County’s productive farmland for over seventy years, Godfrey’s Farm grows a variety of crops and has a long history in wholesale distribution. The farm’s location near U.S. 301 makes it an easy stop for trucks supplying goods to farmers markets, restaurants, and grocery stores.

From this critical access point in Queen Anne’s County, food distributors can obtain produce from Godfrey’s fields and deliver it to its end destination quickly, ensuring freshness and lasting quality. Produce grown at Godfrey’s Farm is sold at local Whole Foods locations and notable regional chain grocers, including Graul’s Market and Keany Produce and Gourmet.

The balance of city access and rural community in Queen Anne’s County has also allowed the business to supply a target market of roadside stands and farmers markets, frequently visited by the area’s extensive commuter and tourist travel.

“In the 1950s, there was a flood of farmers coming from New Jersey to Maryland looking for farms of their own. The family relocated to Queen Anne’s County then because the prices were good and the land was nice—and they still are.”

      – Lisa Godfrey, co-owner, Godfrey’s Farm

During the pandemic, the farm’s own on-site market gained popularity among nearby residents due to its open-air format, providing a safe shopping experience for customers to maintain a comfortable social distance. Pivoting from their wholesale focus, the farm leaned into this niche. The team began sourcing baked goods, beef, pork, cheeses, spreads, and other products from the many local artisans in Queen Anne’s and surrounding counties to include in the market—increasing customer satisfaction and influencing revenue. This access to an extended market and local goods helped Godfrey’s Farm pivot its business at a necessary juncture.

As a result of this exposure, Godfrey’s Farm has established a greater presence in the direct-to-consumer market. The rapid expansion of the residential population in Queen Anne’s County has helped propel this market growth beyond the pandemic, making retail a primary growth driver for the farm.

“People come from Queen Anne’s and the surrounding counties to visit the farm. We get a lot of customers from across the bridge who visit the farm, too, even though they have great farms in their areas. Some get their groceries here, and others come as a day destination.”

      – Ashley Genova, marketing and promotions manager, Godfrey’s Farm

The farm has added “pick-your-own produce” to capitalize on consumer interest and further attract the escalating number of residents and tourists coming to Queen Anne’s County.

Positioning itself as a destination for customers to experience the natural beauty and flavor of the Eastern Shore, the farm offers visitors the opportunity to pick strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, and flowers on-site and visit the farm’s expanded market for grocery items, ice cream, coffee, slushies, and other made-to-order foods.

Godfrey’s Farm has added various events to its calendar to maximize the influx of customers and draw tourists to the farm.

The farm’s largest event—The Sudlersville Peach Festival—draws eighty outside vendors for a two-day fundraising event benefitting the Sudlersville Volunteer Fire Company. Working with the police and local offices in Queen Anne’s County to promote and facilitate the event, from the county Sheriff’s office to the county’s television station, the farm welcomes thousands of customers onto its property for this event. The Blueberry Boogie 5K Walk/Run and Bluegrass in the Blueberry Patch events are also growing in popularity and provide a fun day on the farm for many around the county.

Lisa Godfrey, co-owner of Godfrey’s Farm, notes that the success of the events would not be possible without the help of Queen Anne’s County’s supportive government. With the strong relationships and valuable resources provided by Queen Anne’s County, Godfrey’s Farm is looking to broaden its event series, possibly introducing weekly music events, and to further develop its wholesale and retail operations.

“Everyone we’ve worked with in Queen Anne’s County has been very supportive of the business.”

      – Lisa Godfrey, co-owner, Godfrey’s Farm

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