Key Information

  • 3 businesses established in three years
  • 21 staff members, including 5 full-time care providers
  • 2,300 square feet of commercial space

NAICS Codes: 621498

Fulfilling Community Needs Brings Eastern Shore Urgent Care to Queen Anne’s County

“This is a worthwhile community to invest in. It’s our vision to be a part of a growing healthcare network in Queen Anne’s County that supports the community and its great people.”

      – Lauren Bruneio, owner of Eastern Shore Urgent Care, Primary Care, and Med Spa

Eastern Shore Urgent Care is pioneering a transformative healthcare movement in Queen Anne’s County. Inspired by the county’s vast potential and the growing need for accessible healthcare, this innovative venture is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of the community, actively enhancing the well-being of residents.

Established by Lauren Bruneio, a visionary nurse practitioner, after moving to the Eastern Shore, Eastern Shore Urgent Care has filled a vital gap in local healthcare services. Recognizing the unique needs of an aging population and a demographic boom in Queen Anne’s County, Bruneio seized the opportunity to create a walk-in clinic that would cater to the growing demand.

Looking to make a substantial community impact,  Bruneio found the ideal location—a former dental office along the Chester River. With existing commercial infrastructure, ample parking, and room for future growth, it offered the perfect setting for a healthcare facility.

“This community and its people are amazing. I knew we could have an impact here that would benefit the residents of Queen Anne’s County and be fulfilling from a personal and professional perspective”

      – Lauren Bruneio, owner of Eastern Shore Urgent Care, Primary Care, and Med Spa

Eastern Shore Urgent Care opened its doors in 2022. The office consists of three exam rooms, one lab, and administrative offices for patient care. Now, five full-time and various part-time nurses, practitioners, and caregivers provide pediatric through senior care for allergies, minor injuries, colds, infections, and more.

The clinic acquired an X-ray machine with support from Queen Anne’s Economic Development Department Economic Development Incentive Fund. This been crucial in providing immediate care for minor injuries, significantly reducing the need for long travel to distant healthcare facilities.

Recognizing the community’s healthcare needs didn’t stop with urgent care, Eastern Shore Primary Care was later established in a neighboring suite to further broaden the spectrum of care to include disease management, wellness exams, annual exams, prescribed medications, and health referrals.

“We’re constantly thinking about growth. Less than two years after we started the Urgent Care, we’ve been able to open a Primary Care, which is incredible. We want to keep getting a good staff in place and continue our vision to do the right thing for our patients, which is providing them the best care for their needs.”

      – Lauren Bruneio, owner of Eastern Shore Urgent Care, Primary Care, and Med Spa

Most recently, Eastern Shore Urgent Care has added Med Spa services to its facility, combining the tranquil environment of Queen Anne’s County with cutting-edge aesthetic treatments such as chemical peels, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, and more. Across the three service areas offered by Eastern Shore Urgent Care, Primary Care, and Med Spa, a total of twenty-one part- and full-time employees, including one part-time collaborating physician, are now employed.

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