Key Information

  • 60 years in business
  • Three charter boats
  • Operates 244 days out of the year
  • Thousands of dollars a year in savings using Queen Anne’s County Boat Slip Discounts

NAICS Codes:  487210

Favorable Cost of Business Propels Captain Tyrone Charters Further in Queen Anne’s County


“Queen Anne’s County has made it easier to do business here, especially for watermen. The discounts and incentives here make a big difference in the cost of business.”

– Captain Tyrone Meredith, Owner, Captain Tyrone Charters

The Meredith family has a long history of navigating life and business on the serene coastlines of Queen Anne’s County, shaping a rich legacy in charter boat services that endures today. After briefly breaking from the family business to pursue his own charter company elsewhere in the state, fifth-generation fisherman Captain Tyrone Meredith returned to Kent Narrows in Queen Anne’s County to take the helm of the family’s fishing voyage and charter service after his father’s retirement.

Nearly forty years after his return, Captain Tyrone Charters continues to leverage the scenic waterways and substantial support for maritime businesses in Queen Anne’s County to propel the company to new prosperity.


“Our family has been on Kent Island since my dad’s great-grandfather came here in 1865. For six generations, our family has made a living and expanded our business in Queen Anne’s County.”

– Captain Tyrone Meredith, Owner, Captain Tyrone Charters

Operating just off U.S. Route 50, Captain Tyrone and his crew of three provide visitors with relaxation on the Chesapeake Bay seven days a week from April to December. Specializing in charters for small and large groups, Captain Tyrone Charters offers sunset and firework cruises, and private rides ideal for weddings, birthdays, and bachelor/bachelorette celebrations.

At fifty-five feet long, the company’s spotlight vessel, the Island Queen II, is the longest headboat (vessel-for-hire) in Kent Narrows and can accommodate up to forty-nine passengers. Guests can experience the thrill of a great catch, casting their reels for bluefish, striped bass, white perch, rockfish, catfish, and more in the plentiful waters of Queen Anne’s County.

The county prioritizes affordable access to the Bay for the area’s expansive network of water-based businesses. The Queen Anne’s County Watermen’s Boat Basin, a premier marina dedicated to local fishing and seafood harvesting business ventures, offers a 92% discount on boat slips for watermen compared to recreational rates —encouraging commercial enterprises to grow. Additionally, private businesses in the area share a strong commitment to supporting watermen by offering discounted rates on services such as painting, waxing, and other preventative maintenance.


“Owning and maintaining boats is an expensive business. For us, the cost of operation is great in Queen Anne’s County because of the discounts we get here, which we’ve been using for thirty years. Over time, the savings have really added up.”

– Captain Tyrone Meredith, Owner, Captain Tyrone Charters

The exceptional business advantages in Queen Anne’s County have allowed Captain Tyrone Charters to save thousands of dollars annually for nearly thirty years. Reinvesting in the business, the company purchased a third boat to elevate its quality of service and increase the number of voyages it can provide.

With greater capacity, Captain Tyrone Charters is well positioned to accommodate loyal customers and the increasing number of tourists visiting the Eastern Shore from urban areas like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and beyond.

As the business continues to grow, Captain Tyrone hopes to include sightseeing tours as one of the company’s offerings, using his family’s long history with the land to tell the story of life and work on the Eastern Shore.


“Queen Anne’s County is in the middle of everything. It is centrally located near the Bay Bridge, so we get business from all over, including Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia. They come to enjoy the tours and fishing.”

– Captain Tyrone Meredith, Owner, Captain Tyrone Charters

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