QAC Celebrates the 120th Anniversary of Friel Lumber Company

At the County Commissioner meeting this week, Friel Lumber Company was presented with a proclamation celebrating their 120th Anniversary.

Friel Lumber Company, a family-owned enterprise in Queenstown, Maryland, is celebrating a remarkable 120 years of operation. The company, overseeing both Friel Lumber and S.E.W. Friel’s Canning House, boasts five generations of the Friel Family at the helm.

Founded in 1903 by Samuel Edward Whiting Friel, Friel Lumber initiated its journey as a lumber mill, operating several sawmills that produced construction lumber, railroad ties, and veneer products such as fruit baskets. The company’s diversified ventures led it into the canning industry in 1912, establishing the renowned Queenstown Cannery.

Over the decades, Friel Lumber Company strategically expanded its presence in Queen Anne’s County by constructing additional warehouse facilities and an impressive Kitchen and Bath Showroom. Remarkably, S.E.W. Friel has achieved the status of being the largest private label manufacturer of sweet corn in the nation, and the sole surviving cannery on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

In the present day, Friel Lumber Company stands as one of Queen Anne’s County’s major employers, employing approximately 250 individuals, the majority of whom are residents of Queen Anne’s County.

The Board of County Commissioners of Queen Anne’s County are delighted to acknowledge the legacy and contributions that the Friel family, their business and employees have made to the community and their commitment to Queen Anne’s County’s economy.

Read the full proclamation here.

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