Queen Anne’s County Restaurant Relief Grant


Funding for the Queen Anne’s County Restaurant Relief Grant 3.0 is provided by the Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority and Fund (“MEDAFF”). This is the 3rd round of state funding specific to food and beverage providers to promote and encourage stabilization within the restaurant industry. Queen Anne’s County has been awarded an additional $184,427.57 in funding

The program will be administered by QAC Economic & Tourism Development. It is projected that grants will be awarded in the range of $1,000-$12,000. The maximum award will be $12,000.

The goal of the QAC Restaurant Relief Fund is to assist food and beverage providers with expenses associated with adjusting their business model, as well as new operating procedures and regulations associated with CED safety guidelines due to the pandemic.


Grant Terms & Conditions:

 Eligible Food and Beverage providers must be primarily engaged in activities that, in accordance with the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS), would be included in:

Code 722320 -Caterers

Code 7224 -Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)

Code 7225 -Restaurants and Other Eating Places

For more information or to search your NAICS code click here 

Restaurant must demonstrate a reduction in year over year gross revenue of at least 25% when comparing FY2019 to FY2020 and/or 3/1/2020-3/31/2021 to 3/1/2019-3/31/2020.

 Restaurant must be physically located in Queen Anne’s County and be open for business.

 Company must be in good standing with the State of Maryland.

 Business meets U.S. Small Business Administration definition of a small business.

 Company must not be in default of any County loan programs in the past or present.

 Restaurants that have received grant funding through prior QAC Restaurant and Small Business Assistance Funds are eligible to apply; HOWEVER, priority will be given to those that did not receive funding from one of the other grant opportunities.

 Funds received through this program can not be used for expenses already covered by the previous grant funds. “No Double Dipping”

 Business must be established before 3/1/2020, new business ventures are not eligible.

 Must provide receipts, invoices, estimates, payroll reports or evidence backing up requested funding. i.e. if requesting funding for payroll please provide a payroll report or 941, to illustrate payroll costs. If upgrading HVAC system or POS please provide quote for equipment and installation.

 Applicant/Owner will be required to answer the following questions pertaining to the applicant’s economic status:

● Does the applicant (owner) have a net worth of less than $750,000?

● Did the applicant (owner) have an adjusted gross income of less than $350,000?

● Did the applicant have less than $6 Million in assets?

 At least 15% of the Grant Fund will be awarded to those that answer “yes” to the above questions regarding economic status.


Use of Funds:

Working capital, such as rent, payroll, and job training

Purchase of equipment and services to expand outdoor dining, such as tents, heaters, warmers, and carts

 Infrastructure improvements, such as HVAC system upgrades

 Technology to support carryout and delivery

 Purchase of PPE and disposable food containers and utensils

 Sanitization services

 Any other costs permitted under a COVID-19 restaurant assistance program that Grantee, or any municipal corporation located within Grantee’s jurisdiction, may already be operating as of the effective date of this agreement


Grant Process:

Submit application with all required documentation between April 5, 2021-April 23, 2021

Paper copies of the application will be available upon request

QACETD will prepare grant packages and pre-vet application (i.e. complete application and good standing confirmation)

Outside grant review committee will review and approve grant requests the week of April 26, 2021

Applicant will be notified if approved and emailed remaining required paperwork

Standard grant agreement will be prepared by Queen Anne’s County Attorney

Approved applicants will sign documentation and return to QACETD for processing

Grant funds will be disbursed by Queen Anne’s County Finance Department by May 30, 2021

Follow-up with awardees will take place on a regular basis through the Dept. of Economic & Tourism Development

Documentation will be required by June 30, 2021 to validate appropriate expenditure of grant funds

Reporting to the State of Maryland required by July 31, 2021



Requirements to Apply:

Completed Application

Verification of Good Standing in State of Maryland

Documentation to support financial assistance request: i.e. receipts, invoices, quotes, payroll report if requesting payroll

Applicants must self-certify with a legal affidavit that revenue losses were 25% or greater when compared to prior years

Articles of Incorporation/Organization/Formation including By Laws and/or Operating Agreement




Questions? htinelli@qac.org or call 410-604-2100