Queen Anne’s County Nonprofit Assistance Fund


Funding for the Queen Anne’s County Nonprofit Assistance Fund is provided by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, and is specific to nonprofits. Queen Anne’s County has been awarded $166,668 in funding.

This grant fund will be administered by QAC Economic & Tourism Development. It is projected that grant awards will be in the range of $1,000-$10,000. Greater amounts may be awarded to organizations with larger employee counts and demonstrated need.

The goal is to aid nonprofits in fulfilling their mission and outreach goals which include adjusting operations due to the pandemic. These funds are to be utilized for expanding program services to meet the needs of Queen Anne’s County residents and its businesses. Grant requests do not have to be related to the pandemic in order to qualify.



Grant Terms and Conditions

Grant applications will be accepted for 15 days (until July 30th) from the date the application goes live.

Grant applications will be reviewed by an independent grant review committee.

Due to the anticipated volume of applicants, incomplete applications will be rejected without further review.


Use of Funds

Costs related to programming adjustments/expansions necessary to meet the needs of QAC citizens and its businesses.

Up to one month of payroll expenses including employer portion of payroll taxes.

Purchases of supplies and equipment.

 Up to 3 month’s rent.

 Purchase/reimbursement of PPE and other supplies necessary to meet the CDC recommended requirements.

 Other mission critical operating expenses.



Principal business office or location must be physically located in Queen Anne’s County.

Entity must be in good standing with the State of Maryland.

Nonprofit must not be in default of any County loan programs in the past or present.

Nonprofit must be established before 12/31/2019.

Must provide details on organizations mission, list of board members, and organizational documents including by-laws.

Priority will be given to nonprofit organizations that have not already received an award from the NORI program that DHCD administered in 2020.

Eligible uses of awarded funds to include reimbursable expenses for the period March 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021 as long as those expenses have not already been supported by COVID relief or other funding.

Are in compliance with the Maryland Solicitations Act, including any required registration with the Maryland Office of the Secretary of the State and are, and shall remain, in compliance with all requirements of that registration

Are classified as a tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service and such classification has not been adversely modified, limited or revoked

Have not substantially changed the facts and circumstance which form the basis of the grantees tax-exempt letter as represented to the IRS

Are duly organized and validly existing under the lays of the State and qualified to do business in the state


Required Documents/Information

Completed Application

FY20 990 as filed with IRS or FY19 tax return if FY20 has not been filed.

FY20 financial statements only if FY20 990 has not been filed.

Year to Date statement of financial position and statement of activities will be required.

Detailed description of programming and need for requested grant funds including itemized list of cost to support grant request.

Details regarding prior funding received from the NORI program, and other COVID related grant assistance programs.

Articles of Incorporation/Organization/Formation including By Laws and current board listing.

If seeking assistance with payroll costs please provide the first page of the last quarter of your Maryland Unemployment Quarterly Contribution Report or your most recent 941.

Upon approval, a W-9, vendor application, copy of license for signers and grant agreement and proof of expenses will be required before funds are dispersed.

By 12/30/2021 grant awardees will be required to supply documentation as proof funds were spent as agreed. Documentation can include, receipts, invoices, copies of cancelled checks, payroll reports and financial statements. Notification will be sent out by 10/1/2021 as a reminder of deadline. Early documentation will be accepted.


Grant Process

Submit completed application with all required documentation.

Paper copies of the application will be available upon request. QACETD will prepare loan packages and pre-vet application i.e. complete application and good standing confirmation.

Outside grant review committee will review and approve grant request.

Applicant will be notified if approved and emailed remaining required paperwork.

Standard grant agreement will be prepared by Queen Anne’s County Attorney and signed by authorized members of the board per their by-laws.

Approved applicants will sign documentation and return to QACETD for processing.

Grant funds will be disbursed by Queen Anne’s County Finance Department.

Follow-up with awardees will take place on a regular basis through the Dept. of Economic & Tourism Development.

Documentation will be required by 12/31/2021 to validate appropriate expenditure of grant funds.




Questions? htinelli@qac.org or call 410-604-2100