Northern Queen Anne’s County (Barclay, Church Hill, Millington, and Sudlersville) is known for its historic small towns, charming community theater, a high concentration of farms, size-able industrial properties, and several large-scale manufacturing operations (AZZ Corporation).

Since 1740, Sudlersville has transformed from an 800-acre block of land just south of the Chester River to a village with 15 houses and a few necessities in the 1800s to the small town it is today. People often refer to the town as being the hometown of Baseball Hall of Famer Jimmie Foxx.  Sudlersville is also home to Harbor Sales, and nearby Bell Nursery.

Barclay was founded in 1873 as Merrikton, and renamed Barclay in 1890. The community was incorporated as the “Town of Barclay” in February 1931. This small town in our community is home to (as of the 2010 United States Census) 120 residents. It is also home to REEB Millwork and Chesapeake Burial Vaults.